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Curl Again Kidz 2 Pc Wash Day Hair & Scalp Cleanser & Conditioner

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Kidz  Hair & Scalp Cleanser is a gentle effective sulfate free shampoo that smoothes and detangles curly hair. Effectively removes buildup and debris from scalp and hair without stripping of natural oils. Contains natural ingredients including aloe vera juice, olive oil, castor oil and essential oils to stimulate growth including tea tree oil to cleanse, disinfect, hair growth and prevent hair loss. (each bottle 8 oz size). This amazing cleanser has enough conditioning ingredients to tame the most unruliest hair. Free from sulfates, parabens, petroleum phtalates. Made fresh. 

To Use:  Apply small amount to scalp, gently massage in and work thru hair and rinse with warm water.  Avoid getting into childs eyes. For really tangled or matted hair, first use Leave In Conditioning Detangler. 

Kidz Hair Conditioner -  Contains aloe vera juice, natural butters (shea, cocoa, mango), conditioners and oils (coconut, flaxseed, jojoba, argan).  Gives hair and styling your little ones hair easy. This conditioner helps with detangling while preventing breakage. (8 oz and 16 oz size). Made fresh

To Use: FOR USE ONLY when you need EXTRA SMOOTHING CONDITIONING, MOISTURIZING and STRENGTHENING for kids hair growth. After cleansing apply Kidz Hair Conditioner on damp hair, work thru to detangle and rinse out with warm water.  Can leave on for 5-15 min for deeper conditioning.  Recommended use with Curl Again styling products (leave in conditioning detangler, curl creme and for no/slow growth areas apply hair growth balm to clean scalp). 

Curl Again Kids Natural Hair and Scalp Care Products

This best selling afro hair product line for little girl and boys with afro hair is a must for natural hair maintenance and hairstyles. Moms and children  are loving the Curl Again Kidz products that are natural, gentle and effective for african american braid styles, cornrows and curls for  boys and girls. The Curl Again Kidz  natural hair maintenance products encourage healthy scalp and nourish healthy hair growth for cute natural hairstyles...

Ingredients: Curl Again Kidz products are made fresh with high quality safe ingredients that are free of mineral oils, parabens, phthalates, sulfates and cheap fillers. 

The Kidz Scalp & Hair Cleanser: our proprietary blend contains  aloe vera juice, natural oils butters vitamins and conditioners and essential oils and paraben free fragrance oil.  For use by adults or under adult supervision.

The Kidz Hair Conditioner: our proprietary blend contains aloe vera, natural and essential oils, butters, btms (a natural derived hair conditioner).