Curl Again Luxe Whipped Hair & Body Butter

Curl Again Luxe Whipped Hair & Body Butter

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Use as HAIR BUTTER to add and lock in moisture.  Slather on this rich WHIPPED luxurious body butter for all day and all night smooth soft silky skin that smells good enough to eat! 


Contains natural oils and butters, paraben free phatalate free vegan, made fresh with love just for you! Made with shea, coconut, aloe , essential oils that melt into hair and skin. Perfect for dry skins, stretch marks, slather on after bathing 

Choose from FOUR delicious "flavors" just in time for the holidays!🎄

Cocoa Creme de Menthe - smells like hot chocolate and mints (whipped blend of shea butter, coca butter, mango coconut oil, EOs)
Choco-Chocolate - smells like riche hot chocolate (NEW) (whipped blend of shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, coconut oil,EOs)
Sweet Candy Cane - smells like and cotton candy and candy cane. (whipped blend of shea, mango coconut oil and EOs)
Cedar for Men - has clean woodsy smell (NEW) (whipped blend of shea, coconut oil, mango butter & EOs)


Important: Upon receipt please store in cool dry place. Our whipped creamy butters are pretty stable and a priced by volume and not weight; however due to the low melting point of the natural ingredients the product may settle or melt during shipping, especially in warmer climates. 

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