FTPL Products Formula 3 - Curl Again
Curl Again

FTPL Products Formula 3

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Formulations & Bottling                $3000 (one-time fee, bottling in white bottles and jars with black caps)

Min. Order Qty                                $150   (one 6 pc Starter – Total 30 pcs= 8 oz Shampoo,

8 oz Conditioner, 8 oz LIC, 4 oz Balm, and 4 oz Scalp Spray, and 4 oz your choice item, shipping and applicable taxes are not included)

Account Setup                                  $50 (one-time fee - PAID)

Order Processing                            $35 (annual fee - PAID)

Logo/Label                                       $75 (with 2 free lifetime revisions)

Business Builder                              $250      (5 line sheets, 5 ad slicks, 50 brochures, 5 price sheets,

  (Marketing Materials)                                 50-3x5 cards, display planogram)

Consultation (1 Hr/year)               FREE (extra time available: 1 hour $75, ½ hour $55)


*Amout less account setup fee and annual processing fee and samples.  All business owners must submit their states Resellers License to be exempt from sales tax. All business owners must pay standard shipping UPS or–FedEx – No Express Delivery, No CODs.

ASK FOR AVAILBLE FLEXIBLE PAYMENT INSTALLMENTS - Split payment into 2, 3 or 4 installments. Must make downpayment equal to one payment and must agree to autobill terms with credit card on file (no debit cards) + 10% carrying fee. Ask for Installment Payment Agreement.

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