Natural Whipped Hair Butter – Curl Again

Natural Whipped Hair Butter

$ 14.99

This light moisturizing whipped hair butter is made with healthy vegan paraben phatalate free 100% Mango and Shea Butter, Coconut Jajoba and Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E. Made fresh with the finest natural ingredients this butter will melt into dry hair leaving is smooth soft with a natural shine and light mango scent without greasy buildup.  

4C 4B 4A Natural Hair Butter Mango Shea Coconut Jajoba for black dry hair

To use on freshly washed & conditioned hair sectioned detangled hair: Take finger tip amount of Curl Again Natural Hair Buttah Creme and melt in hand. Apply from roots to ends to seal in moisture. Pay special attention to ends and areas that tend to frizz. Style

To use on dry hair: If hair feels dry apply detangling moisturizer and then seal with Hair Buttah Creme.

 4 oz jar

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