Curl Again Scalp Tea TreeMint Anti Itch Healing Spray

Curl Again Scalp Tea TreeMint Anti Itch Healing Spray

$ 12.99

The answer to beautiful healthy hair is a healthy scalp! 

 Professionals Botanicals Treatment (TM) Scalp Tea TreeMint is a natural invigorating scalp spray that relieves itching, flaking,tenderness, irritation and burning dryness caused by braids, weaves, extensions, chemical hair treatments.

Curl Again Scalp Spray Tea Tree Mint Heals Soothes Antifungal Antibacterial Natural

Stimulates the scalp, adds moisture to hair and naturally stops odors caused by bacteria and fungal infections.  

Contains natural botanical ingredients of Tea Tree, Peppermint and Aloe which promote healing, a healthy scalp and hair!

To use: Spray directly onto affected area of scalp and enjoy the tingling healing sensation, then gently massage into scalp.  Comes in a 4 oz mist spray bottle.

Other uses: Helps to cool and heal sunburn and takes the sting and itch out of insect bites.

For best results, always test patch on skin before applying. Do not use on broken skin.